Welcome to TinyJavaTools!

On some occasions in life, size does not matter. While the opinions about when exactly this applies differ, it certainly is valid for a set of tiny Java tools which I intentionally wrote for my own use. But maybe someone else can make use of them, so I created this website in order to sharing the tools. In most cases, I do not intend putting any more effort into applications which I consider being finished. However, it may happen that I feel the need to add some functionality or to fix bugs. In such cases, I will offer new releases.

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Currently, there are eight tools available for download. All of them are written in Java, completely localized and distributed under the BSD Open Source licence. Usually, they were created when I had to deal with a particular annoyance, such as the need to compute MD5 sums from files or to memorize lots of passwords. A description of the available applications can be found on the Tools page.

May the source be with you!

Feel free to study the source code to find solutions for some Swing programming issues, such as the correct handling of SwingWorkerThreads including thread cancellation during lengthy runtime operations, updating of progress bars, working with custom dialogs, dynamic modification of textfield input restrictions using formatters and regular expressions, easily creating sorted list models, using interface classes for glueing a view (a JFrame for instance) to a main class containing the application logic and much more. Have fun :)


This tool lets you access Skyrim's savegames for moving or copying them to a backup directory and vice versa, or for deleting them. You can select complete characters with all of their savegames, selections of savegames and particular savegames for these operations. So you can move your other chars to the backup directory when playing a new character, which speeds up the process of loading and saving games. SkyrimCharacterHelper also supports lauching Skyrim with just a single character's savegames.

As a goodie, the savegames' screenshot thumbnails can be copied to the system clipboard. Below, you see a screenshot of SkyrimCharacterHelper in action (btw., the strange filenames with missing mutated vowels are really looking that way on my harddisk, so put the blame for this on Bethesda :-). Because it is not really tiny, SkyrimCharacterHelper is hosted on an own subpage. To check it out, please follow this link or click on the image.

SkyrimCharacterHelperm image


TinyJavaTools is a subpage of my GridLife website. GridLife is a not-so-tiny pure Java application which serves as a virtual lab for John Conway's cell simulation Game of Life. It combines an easy-to-use interface with rich functionality and offers - amongst lots of other features - free rule set definition, cell matrix size definition, loading and saving cell generations and cell patterns, screenshot support and extensive cell painting support. Below, you see GridLife running on my PC under Windows7.

GridLife screenshot


I'd like to thank a lot of people who contributed to the software used for creating the tools: NetBeans, Better Swing Application Framework, MiGBase64, FontChooserComboBox, NotePad++, Gimp and SimpleScreenshot. And of course, thanks to the guys who gave us Java (JDK 7u2 was used for development). Finally, I am indepted to Andreas Viklund for creating the design template I used for this webpage and to James Gill for his wonderful icons!