All of the applications are distributed under the BSD Open Source licence. You will find the most current distributions on this page. I don't take any responsibility for downloads from sources other than this website. Well, actually I don't even take responsibility for downloads from this website :-)

File Language Size MD5 sum English 190 KB a099b25c972b36a174cfed3a6bb62eaf Java source 25 KB 2edf2afd7e16ec5cf0392a17df71c2fe English 185 KB 04e6979a533a3f8c573a790ed0295b51 Java source 13 KB 89833f7adaaced2c6a4e9351240eee3e English 190 KB b4e4cf8410a0a2883b24ff58f217446d Java source 26 KB 6c9c27fa3895ab46a10594b3237f0959 English 190 KB 0c0fd26b4170dbac0a65dd4e80c725a2 Java source 25 KB 8371206762f05cccd5634f5082b51829 English 192 KB 4ee76e13d25b398f2d4427d97bae21a6 Java source 33 KB 97fba7ae9bfc7e2b8b8f5f256e7b9265 English 178 KB e0f3f68b59b1d550b446f707373d9fef Java source 13 KB 3a93e0e37063cdc715e6dae31b805c71 English 174 KB 6cbb2647a7442df2ed0319e9f290299a Java source 12 KB 6772cb73eedbe3d902502d14c28b13d7 English 178 KB 95920f6ac8e69df00179d5a8a91be2d8 Java source 15 KB a44e246abff6a4236f305acfa8745b7e


All of the tools have their binary format set to Java7 (JDK7u2 was used for development) and therefore require Java JDK7 or the corresponding JRE installed properly on your machine. You can get the latest Java version right here.

Every delivery zip file contains a directory housing the executable jar-file and needed libraries. To install an application, simply unzip this directory into any harddrive location. Then, move to the installation directory and run the application by double-clicking the jar-file or create a shortcut pointing to the installation directory and executing javaw -jar <application jar-file> to get rid of a start-shell window.


There are new releases of ColorPal2 and KeySafe.

Published new versions of all tools.

Published a new version 1.013 of MD5droplet, which now supports the cancellation of lenghty tasks by the help of a Cancel button.