Release 1.15 is out! Besides a German localization of the UI, the tool now supports launching Skyrim for a single savegame. I did not find time yet to translate the PDF documentation into German, this will be either a separate download or part of the next release.

Release 1.14 is out! It features a massive performance improvement by reading screenshot thumbnails on demand: When scanning savegames, SkyrimCharacterHelper now reads only the minimum set of information required to work with the savegame. Whenever a savegame is selected and the ImageMode is set to Show, its screenshot thumbnail is loaded. This dramatically increases SkyrimCharacterHelper's scan speed and so decreases startup time. I strongly recommend using the new version.

Some test have revealed a way to increase SkyrimCharacterHelper's scan speed dramatically. Soon, there will be a new release 1.14 which reads a savegame's thumbnail screenshot data on demand (means, if a single entry is selected and the Image mode is set to Show).

The new release 1.13 with some nice enhancements is out now. Please visit the Download page for more information.

Due to a mistake when packaging, the problem with handling backups of quicksaves and autosaves was not fixed, but instead made worse. I am sorry for this, release 1.12 finally handles that problem properly.

There is a hotfix patch for version 1.1, which enables handling backups of quicksaves and autosaves, furthermore the documentation was revised.

Release 1.1 is out now! The source code and deliverable are both available in the Download section. I pimped up SkyrimCharacterHelper heavyly, enjoy :)

I'll stay an adventurer unless I take an arrow to the knee....

Now you can define which file should be used for launching Skyrim. So if you use any extension for playing Skyrim which rather requires starting an own binary than launching the standard binary TESV.exe in your Skyrim installation path, this can be smoothly integrated into SkyrimCharacterHelper now.

Sigh... I had to realize that the tool still was lacking some comfort, and so I added some new stuff to it: Now, you can launch Skyrim with just a single player's character with a single mouselick. SkyrimCharacterManager will handle the savegames not belonging to this character accordingly.

That means: If you launch Skyrim for an active character, every savegame not belonging to this character is moved to the backup directory. If you launch Skyrim for a backup character, every savegame of this backup character is moved to Skyrim's savegame directory, then any foreign savegame is moved from Skyrim's savegame directory to the backup directory, and then finally Skyrim gets executed.

SkyrimCharacterManager will find out itself where Skyrim is installed on your machine and also respects people playing with that patched 4GB-enabled version (with a proposed filename of TESV.exe.4gb), so if it finds such a binary, it will start this rather than the ordinary one. Check the Download section for the new release :)

Today, the first version of SkyrimCharacterHelper went online.