SkyrimCharacterHelper is distributed under the BSD Open Source licence. You will find the most current release on this page. I don't take any responsibility for downloads from sources other than this website. Well, actually I don't even take responsibility for downloads from this website :-)

I have tested this tool very carefully, however, there might be bugs left. So you're using SkyrimCharacterHelper at your own risk. If you find a bug, it would be very nice if you could send me a detailed description so that I can fix it.

File Language Size MD5 sum Deutsch 1647 KB 2399c7ff179474804633e21a7b1b29cc English 1647 KB b0d43c6185830df15a12601ce54a8e7e Java source 454 KB 69ada8638965c2ddabb66b9c7a12a93b


Date Version Comment
08/09/2012 1.16
  • Fixed a bug occuring for one of the "Launch"-buttons when using Java 1.7.0_05
  • Fixed typos in German localization
05/07/2012 1.15
  • Fix for a bug which very rarely could cause a JVM crash
  • Support of launching Skyrim for a single savegame
  • Enhanced savegame prefix determination
  • Minor code and localization fixes
  • Added German localization
  • Revised documentation
03/04/2012 1.14
  • Screenshot thumbnails are now read on demand, thereby massively increasing scan speed
  • Nice amount of code optimizations
  • Added several status messages
  • Included a sample launch batchfile for SKSE users
  • Fixed some display issues for the tables
  • Revised documentation
02/26/2012 1.13
  • No more rescanning of Skyrim's savegame directory after Skyrim has terminated
  • Scanning the backup savegame directory on start is optional now
  • Some changes to the UI, because a new setting regarding the previous point was added
  • Some fixes to the filename generation mechanism
  • Minor UI fixes regarding focus traversal
  • Setting the savegame prefix depending on Skyrim's localization on a fresh start
  • Automatically locating Skyrim's savegame folder
  • Requester informing about a fresh start
  • Revised documentation, also mentioning the SkyrimNexus members who contributed to improving CH by making suggestions and discussing features
02/13/2012 1.12 Latest version, correcting the packaging mistake of version 1.11.
02/13/2012 1.1 Hotfix patch for version 1.1, enables handling backups of quicksaves and autosaves.
02/12/2012 1.1 Release of version 1.1. Please refer to the documentation for more information.
02/03/2012 1.02
  • Added functionality for defining the Skyrim launch file.
  • Added documentation in pdf-format.
02/01/2012 1.01 Added functionality for launching Skyrim with just a single character's savegames.
01/31/2012 1.0 Release of the first version.