I found a bug in the thread allocation section, which would only rarely occur for some non-squared cell matrices. To resolve this problem, I introduced a new method of allocating the computing threads. Furthermore, some new features such as zooming using the mousewheel have been added to GridLife. The UI has been revised, replacing text buttons with image buttons. Finally, there was a fair amount of minor code changes and documentation work. As a result, I have released the new version 1.1 for download.

Do you play Skyrim? Then SkyrimCharacterHelper might be worth a look. This application enables you to access Skyrim's savegames sorted by characters and lets you backup and restore characters to a dedicated backup directory, you can also delete savegames.

Minor fixes caused a new release 1.03 of GridLife.

I replaced the MD5droplet page with a subpage called Tools for hosting my Java tools. All of them are localized, offer a GUI, and are distributed under the BSD Open Source licence. Including MD5droplet, there are currently six applications available.

I replaced the Swing Application Framework with the Better Swing Application Framework library, which is actively developed. So there are new versions of GridLife and MD5droplet available.

A lot of things have happened. First, I added some functionality to GridLife, which caused the release of a new version 1.01. Then I found some time to recreate the webpage. Finally, you can download another tool called MD5droplet which I wrote as a byproduct of the GridLife development.

Today, the first version of GridLife's homepage went online.