In the future I will offer several language-related downloads, and it will depend on your input for which languages GridLife will be localized (because other than German and English language, I am not able to help). If you feel that something important is missing in GridLife, and I'll think about an implementation if I like the idea.

Though I've tested the software thoroughly, there still might be some nasty bugs left. If you find one, please send me a detailed description. Given I can reproduce the bug, you'll get a special version of GridLife mentioning your honorable support in the application's about box, and of course I will praise your name on this page :-)

If you want to tell me how much you love GridLife (preferred) or me for making it (much preferred) or found some bugs or want to voice your opinion, just send an email to .


Date Version Comment
10/24/2012 1.1
  • Fixed two wrong color preselections in the settings window.
  • Added new thread allocation method to fix a bug in this section.
  • Added zooming via mouse wheel.
  • Added new setting "screenshot cell size" in UI and properties.
  • Revised UI, replaced text buttons with icon buttons.
  • Minor code and UI display/settings fixes.
  • Revised English documentation.
  • Finally created German documentation.
01/20/2012 1.03
  • Resolved layout issues in the properties window.
  • Changes to spinner input fields in the properties window now properly update the UI.
01/08/2012 1.02
01/02/2012 1.01
  • Quick-save slots added.
  • Saving files now stores the zoom factor and view position, loading a file restores these settings.
  • Added menu entries for cleaning up quick-save and screenshot files.
  • Added documentation in pdf-format.
10/07/2011 1.0 Release of the first version.